If you're looking to buy a car or sell a car you probably want to know the fair market value or price of that vehicle. Of course, the seller wants to get the highest possible price while the buyer wants to pay the lowest possible price, but ultimately everyone wants the best price.

The Bizatta Previse pricing engine takes into account more features (variables) than most other pricing estimates out there. These variables include horsepower, fuel type, color (exterior and interior), mileage, condition, trim, location, date sold, dealership sold from, and more! Our data comes from various sources and data providers across the globe, including manufacturer data, 3rd party marketplace data, weather/climate data, general market data, consumer insight data, and more!

With our Previse engine, we typically reach accuracy rates anywhere from 90% to 98% ensuring that we provide you the most accurate results possible.

So why use Bizatta Previse for your business? We can tell if you're listing your vehicles too high or low, if you should adjust them, as well as advanced insights such as price history, how the day of the week affects sale price, how temperature and snow/rain affects the sale price, and much more ensuring you get the most money possible for your business, while selling inventory faster than your competitors.

Bizatta Previse Key Features

We could sit here all day and list out the numerous features of our Previse platform. Instead, here are some of the features our customers love the most.

Detect Anomalies

Previse knows if something strange is up, and why that's happening. If you have a slow sales day, Previse knows why.

Recommendation Alerts

We tell you what recommendation we believe you should make and why, automatically to a phone or email you specify.

Working 24/7

Unlike humans, our platform doesn't need breaks, recovery, or rest allowing it to work 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

Use Your Data

Download graphs, reports, charts, and raw data directly from our platform in the most common and utilized file formats.

See the Future

Bizatta Previse allows you to look into the future and understand what's going to happen, before it does, just like magic.

Nightly Reports

Receive usage reports and analytics nightly, so you can understand your customers better. Including what people want, and when they want it.