Bizatta Connect Key Features

We could sit here all day and list out the numerous features of our Connect platform. Instead, here are the features we find the most important to list.

SMS and Text

Bizatta Connect supports SMS and text messaging allowing customers to inquire from anywhere with or without internet access.

Telephone Support

Bizatta Connect automatically provides one or more phone numbers for customers to call so you don't have to configure anything.

Working 24/7

Unlike humans, our platform doesn't need breaks, recovery, or rest allowing it to work 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

Actually Intelligent

Unlike other platforms on the market, the AI engine that powers Bizatta Connect is intelligent and adapts to situations as they arise.

Share Knowledge

Easily transform your (and employee) knowledge into a dictionary that our platform can share with your customers, eliminating knowledge silos.

Nightly Reports

Receive usage reports and analytics nightly, so you can understand your customers better. Including what people want, and when they want it.